Company Profile

Company Profile

Location Rio San Lorenzo 1096-5ta E.Parque Tecnoindustrial Castro del Rio.
C.P.36814. Irapuato, Gto.
Site area 41,000m2
Plant site area 5,796.6m2
(Production area: 4,170.31 m2)
(Office area: 371.63 m2)
(Land area prepared outside the plant: 342.84 m2)
(Drainage area: 911.82 m2)
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Company representative Fumio Oshita, President
Category of business Electroplating processes (surface treatment)
Established in October 2015
Business description Surface treatment and zinc/nickel plating of automotive parts and related parts, as well as all associated operations.
Partnership with The University of Guanajuato (Mexico), Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan)
Headquarters Takamatsu Plating Corporation

A Chain of Creative Ideas Forms the Basis of Growth

Surface Treatment Technology (Plating) was developed for the purpose of improving the functionality and corrosion resistance of metal products, allowing them to meet the needs of increasingly multi-functional, sophisticated, and versatile industrial products, by meeting the quality needs of items that are active in a wider range of fields, applicable to more diverse areas.
Takamatsu Plating Mexicana's efforts are focused on further technological innovations. However, we are not content to simply use the experience and knowledge we have accumulated thus far in the field of plating as the core skill that serves as our foothold. These efforts have allowed us to offer new added value that is highly regarded by our customers.
Through the solid foundation of basic technologies and the application thereof, we can flexibly respond to our customers' diverse requests, which we believe is our strength. This has been adopted by our employees through our company motto, “The spirit of creativity.” We will continue to focus our strongest energies on improving our employees' skills and expertise, as an investment in the future of our company.
We will also continue to earnestly address various subjects, such as the development of new technologies that can vitalize the market, the strengthening of our production structure through building new factories, strict quality control using advanced equipment, and environmentally friendly corporate activities, in the hopes of further establishing our company in the industrial world.

Fumio Oshita, President

Company History

April 1988 Takamatsu Electro Plating Co., Ltd. (Sabae, Fukui) started surface treatment for electronic components that were manufactured in the Yatsuo District of Toyama, and completed its Yatsuo Plant (Plant Building No. 1).
November 1994 The Yatsuo Plant became independent of Takamatsu Electro Plating Co., Ltd., and began operations as Takamatsu Plating Co., Ltd. (Takamatsu Plating Website Here)
September 1996 Plant Building No. 2 was constructed.
October 1999 Plant Building No. 3 was constructed.
February 2004 A new office building was constructed.
July 2005 Plant Building No. 4 was constructed.
May 2006 Plant Building No. 5 was constructed.
July 2007 Plant Building No. 6 was constructed.
May 2011 Plant Building No. 7 was constructed.
June 2018 TAKAMATSU PLATING MEXICANA (Start of operations)